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I Almost Forgot

Well, to be honest, I did almost forget to post this week. This past week has been a little, well, let's just say weird. It's been weird.

But we aren't going to get into all of that. I will tell you that I am feeling much better the last few days. I was overdue for a massage, so I got one on Saturday and it helped so much! I can't let that slip off of my schedule again. My treatments are also continuing once a week and they are also helping. I am very happy.

What I am currently having difficulty with is my voice. I suppose it is because I haven't been doing any singing and I'm not as consistent as I should be with my vocal exercises. I have too much to do and way too many songs to record so I need to up my game.

Tonight I plan on going to sleep early, so that I can wake fully refreshed and warm up my vocals properly. I will get this done.

There has been talk about doing two albums this year, but that remains to be seen. It is not out of the question though. :)

I hope everyone has a great week. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

All my best,


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