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Tuesday Truths

I’ve decided to lay all my cards out on the table. Some "Tuesday Truths" that you may not know about me. I am doing this to just share my story and hopefully help others who may be dealing with the same issues. So here it goes.

In 2009, I was diagnosed with Pulmonary S

arcoidosis, which causes multiple granulomas to form in the lungs and obstruct proper oxygen intake. I have gone into remission with it a few times, but it never goes away fully. The last few years have been exceedingly tough with my right lung collapsing twice in a three-week period. That happened Dec 2021/Jan 2022. I’ve been working every day to recover.

Since 2020, I also started back into music. I had to relearn everything with the guitar, but I found an amazing teacher to help me get

back what I had forgotten. I’m still learning. On top of playing guitar again, I started writing again and recording. I have a small home studio where I record my vocals and send the tracks to my producer, the man I call a magician. I am doing all of this from my home, and it truly is a joy. The writing is very cathartic. I can say things in songs that I would not know how to articulate any other way.

I still have good and bad days, and sometimes great days. There are still many things I can’t do and many more that I want to do. But I just keep moving forward every day as much as I can. I’m not going to let this stop me.

Trust me, if there is something that you want badly enough, you will work your way passed all those obstacles. Determination, dedication, and passion can get you through so many things.

If you have questions or comments, please reach out. My website link is in bio.

Until next week – Keep rockin!


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